Basic Hearing Screen Test

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Who should do a hearing test? The answer is everyone, young and old alike. Generally, people will wait until they are having difficulty before getting their hearing tested. The reality is that they have most likely been living with hearing loss anywhere from 5 to 15 years before they take action. 

Things that increase your risk of hearing loss include noise exposure, both at work and recreational (motorcycles, guns, loud music), as well as your age. As hearing loss is found more often with increasing age, people 55 years of age and older are recommended to have their hearing tested annually (if a hearing loss exists) and every two years otherwise.

What’s Involved?

The first step will be to get to know your personal hearing health and medical history and find out what concerns you have.

Next: A basic hearing test involves carefully listening through headphones that are placed over the ears. You will be asked to listen for tones or beeps that vary in pitch and loudness and instructed to press a button when you hear the tones. We are searching for the softest sound you can hear.

The results of the basic hearing test are plotted on a graph called an audiogram. 

Your qualified audiometrist/audiologist will then explain the results to you and help you understand the functional impact of your particular hearing loss, leaving you with a clear understanding of your hearing health and a course of action to take moving forward.

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Article By: Hearing Aid Labs

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