Top causes of hearing aid damage

Hearing Aid Labs

Hearing aids are crucial for anyone that suffers from hearing loss issues. When you are fully dependent on hearing aids to communicate, keeping your hearing aids well maintained and in working order is always a top priority.

But sometimes hearing aids are not the easiest gadgets to take care of. Although most hearing aids today are designed to be as high quality and resilient as possible, they are still vulnerable to day to day use. So what causes hearing aid damage? Let’s explore the top causes of hearing aid damage:

Improper cleaning

Hearing aids are electronic gadgets, and like all electronics, they can be damaged when cleaned improperly. These small gadgets, though sophisticated, are typically exposed to conditions that are less than ideal. The existing moisture and earwax inside your ear canals can get into the receiver and the tubing, therefore, causing them to malfunction.

To get rid of the earwax and moisture, the cleaning process requires the use of proper tools such as wax picks and the appropriate brushes for at-home cleaning. If left unchecked, ear wax can accumulate at the end of the hearing aid, therefore, leading to muffled sounds or whistling. Left for long enough, the receiver can damage altogether unless a pick and brush are used to get rid of the accumulated wax. Here are several more things to avoid when cleaning your hearing aid:

  • Never use household cleaning agents to clean your hearing aid
  • Similarly, avoid using wipes or anything covered with chemicals when cleaning
  • Never poke inside your hearing aid using objects such as safety pins or a paperclip to avoid damaging the components situated inside.

Improper storage

It is pertinent that you store your hearing aids properly when not using them to avoid unnecessary repairs of damage. As a rule of thumb, hearing aids should be stored in a cool and dry environment- moisture is often a prime cause of damage. As such, you should avoid storing your hearing aids in areas such as bathrooms or inside a hot car.

Careless handling

Hearing aids are not indestructible so careless handling such as dropping them on hard surfaces can cause damage that is sometimes irreversible. Always be careful when handling your devices. When taking them out and placing them in, always make sure that you are in a seated position to avoid the risk of dropping them. When you first start using your gadget, it might help to wear them over soft surfaces, such as on top of your bed, to avoid damaging them even if they happen to drop.

Article By: Hearing Aid Labs

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